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Exciting changes for The Oval Office; Pentagon re-opens By Jillian Chandler | Photo by Rachel Adair

whitehouse grill oval office real nw

Since 1996, Turkey-native Raci Erdem has been dedicated to bringing an unforgettable dining experience to those who take a seat at his Post Falls restaurant—The White House Grill. Featuring a menu inspired by Mediterranean flavors, combined with his personal flare—and a lot of garlic—diners have continuously shown their support to Raci, his restaurant and the staff.

Even throughout the pandemic, his longtime employees remained loyal, as did his customers. The restaurant continued to thrive, which you can witness for yourself the moment you walk through the door—no matter the time of day.

Just down the street is where Raci opened his second restaurant, The Oval Office & Martini Bar, in 2007. For the past 14 years, diners have been treated to this cozy, romantic small-seat eatery, where they have been given the opportunity to appreciate Northwest-inspired flavors with the small-plate and entrée offerings, paired with the one-of-a-kind martinis. The location is currently undergoing a big change, as it is being torn down and built back up to be better than ever!

Set to reopen by no later than spring of 2023, the entire structure has been torn down and will be rebuilt from the ground up. “It was time for that building to go away,” laughs Raci. “It was really old, and I didn’t want my reputation to go down with the building. It was time.”

Raci is looking forward to the next chapter of The Oval Office and excited to share what he says will be “a healthier restaurant” with the community, featuring a state-of-the-art kitchen, a bit more seating (around 60 seats versus the previous 40) and a much larger bar for guests to gather. And don’t worry, as Raci has confirmed that the spacious outdoor patio will stay! He has hired local builder Rob Harsh to take on the project. “We built The White House together, and it was a fun project,” recalls Raci. “So he was the first one I called!”

According to Raci, many of his Oval Office customers are disappointed by the news (for the time being), as they can no longer dine or imbibe at one of the area’s most beloved bistros. “But I tell them … just go to The Pentagon!” he smiles.

Located in the heart of Liberty Lake, The Pentagon Bistro & Martini Bar is the third restaurant in Raci’s family of restaurants. Opened in November of 2019, the warm and inviting yet sophisticated space showcases an open-kitchen concept, a large bar and two cozy dining rooms. Offering a menu similar to that of The Oval Office, with its delicious and diverse small-plate menu, as well as entrée featuring steak and seafood, and their specialty politically inspired martinis, it’s open and ready to serve customers—especially those wanting a taste of The Oval Office!

After much anticipation, The Pentagon reopened in late November of 2021, nearly 18 months after being shut down—first due to the pandemic, followed by an unfortunate fire that led to intensive smoke damage throughout the restaurant space. It is now back up and running at full force, serving guests seven days a week for both lunch and dinner. You may even see some of your beloved Oval Office staff working at The Pentagon during The Oval Office’s construction.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a meal in Post Falls at The White House Grill, or at The Pentagon Bistro & Martini Bar in Liberty Lake, Raci ensures a delicious meal, exceptional service and a good time. And prepare for the re-opening of The Oval Office come 2023!

The White House Grill 712 N. Spokane St. Post Falls, ID 208.777.9672

Pentagon Bistro & Martini Bar

1400 N. Meadowwood Lane

Liberty Lake, WA


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