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North Ridge Homes

Celebrating 20 years in business

By Jillian Chandler

“Our gratitude and appreciation for the incredible community that surrounds us is the life of our company. We would not be where we are without our amazing customers, our dedicated subcontractors and vendors, and our internal team who give their heart and soul to the work we do. We are incredibly fortunate and so grateful for where we are today. We look forward to continuing to serve our community.” - Dale and Jessica Cargile

Opened in the spring of 2004, North Ridge Homes celebrates its 20th anniversary building fully custom homes throughout Spokane, Bonner, Stevens and Kootenai counties. Owners Dale and Jessica Cargile are honored to serve their clients and take pride knowing that their clients trust them to bring their visions to life, crediting integrity and partnership as the backbone of North Ridge.

“When Dale opened the company, he was determined to combat the belief that the homeowner and the contractor are at odds through the project. His goal was to build partnerships, where we help bring a homeowner’s dream to life, educating them and empowering them to make smart decisions on their project,” Jessica reflects.

Dale credits “hard work, never giving up, and always looking to improve our business, our product and our team” for what North Ridge is today and the success the company has seen over the years.

“Twenty years is a big accomplishment because of how far we have come. Dale opened North Ridge in 2004, working out of his truck, with one job to his name worth $2,500. Today we build gorgeous million- and multi-million-dollar award-winning homes on view lots and lakesides throughout the area,” Jessica smiles.

“The other significance to 20 years is that Dale opened the company the year his daughter was born, with the purpose of having control over, staying home to be a dad. He had spent the rest of his career traveling in the commercial construction industry, and being home and available to his daughter was a top priority and compelling factor in opening his business. With the anniversary of North Ridge, his daughter also turns 20.”

For 2024, the couple is staying true to their custom home build model and have some beautiful homes that will come to completion on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Loon Lake, Hayden Lake and Spirit Lake. Jessica adds, “Our Parade of Homes home this year will be an amazing and beautiful home on the very top of the mountains in Hayden. Along with this, we’ll be working with St. George’s Parish in Post Falls to renovate and add to their existing church, which is exciting for us, since it’s a project that will really impact our community in a positive way.”

While reflecting on the past two decades, the Cargiles are looking forward to what their next chapter will look like. “In these next 20 years, we will continue our trajectory of growth, continual improvement of our culture, product and team, and bring a new level of community involvement into the fold,” Jessica shares. “Our participation with NIBCA has been an incredibly fulfilling part of our recent journey in business, and we look forward to being able to bring more community impact as we move forward with our roles there.”

Currently, Dale is the president of the North Idaho Building Contractors Association, while Jessica is the president of the Professional Women in Building Council. They firmly believe that these roles afford them ample opportunity to contribute to their community, grow their business and support their industry.

North Ridge Homes


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