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MAX at Mirabeau

MAX at Mirabeau

Twelve years of award-winning excellence is no surprise when talking about MAX at Mirabeau. This Spokane Valley restaurant has been catering to diners with its extraordinary breakfast, lunch and dinner for more than a decade, offering nothing less than an unforgettable experience that keeps bringing locals and visitors back for more.

Whether it’s an informal lunch, drinks after a round of golf with friends, or that once-a-year anniversary date night with the love of your life, MAX will cater to you. The entire staff strives for guest satisfaction, doing all in its power to offer up an unforgettable experience.

MAX is known for its extensive offerings, with five menus offering more than 100 menu items served 20 hours a day, all scratch made in house. Everything is made from raw ingredients, eliminating pre-packaged, pre-made ingredients, allowing them to more easily accommodate guests’ dietary needs and preferences. Starting with raw ingredients allows for the chefs to deconstruct and reconstruct existing dishes to cater to those needs. MAX can tailor itself to any type of person who comes in ... the doors are open to everyone, and the restaurant can accustom itself to anybody and everybody.

To keep the menu bright, MAX chefs are constantly exploring new flavors and experimenting with new dishes and ingredients, along with perfecting existing menu items. And the chefs and cooks don’t stop there; once the food is prepared, each dish is plated so that it is visually appealing before the guest ever tastes it. As General Manager Andy Rooney says, “From recipe conception to plate presentation, the staff and management have to be passionate about the product they are presenting to the customer.” The MAX staff is sure to bring its passion to each plate that is prepared and served.

Joining the team at MAX is Shawn Matlock as the new food and beverage manager. He has an extensive background in culinary management and has an overabundance of commitment to bringing only the best product to every single guest while developing the team from within.

More than just great food, it is complemented by its bar program, which has blossomed over time, and includes new fresh cocktails with their own handmade syrups. The MAX offers cocktail specials every day of the week. You may find yourself stopping in on Wednesday for half off bottles of wine, and then joining friends Sunday for a chance to build your own Bloody Mary at the extensive Bloody Mary bar. The atmosphere is another draw. When you sit down and look around at environment and décor, you feel comfortable; it is what you make it.

Happy hour at MAX is bar none. Offered daily, 3 to 6pm and again 9pm to 2am in the lounge, patio and outside courtyard, guests are sure to be delighted with a great food menu and drink. Besides happy hour, there is a special each day of the week: Maxed Out Monday, Tap Beer Tuesday, Wine Wednesday and Sunday, Thursday Ladies’ Night and Martini Friday. Don’t miss the Bloody Mary Bar during Saturday and Sunday Brunch from 9am to 2pm. And of course, every Friday and Saturday night they have live music featuring rockin’ jazz 9pm to 1am both nights with no cover charge.

Whether it is the food, the atmosphere, the service or just for doing good business, they have repeatedly stood as a symbol of excellence. MAX has won The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for nine years running, consistently winning the Spokane Sizzle’s Fork-in-Cork Award, Spokane Living’s Spokane Valley Best Restaurant of the Year, nabbing The Washington Restaurant Association’s Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year and the multiple Epicurean Delight Awards for various dishes through the years.

No matter if you are a local, a traveler or a family getting away for a vacation, there are more than enough reasons to be drawn to MAX. It’s a concept; it’s a uniquely different concept. Dining at MAX is an experience you must try for yourself.

MAX at Mirabeau Park Hotel

Spokane Valley

1100 N. Sullivan Rd.


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