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The Elk Public House

The Elk Public House

Consistently good food and atmosphere along with friendly service and menu items offered at a reasonable price; these things appeal to everybody, no matter what their age or financial status. The Elk Public House offers a comfortable and inviting welcome-to-my-house environment, which is laid back, not pretentious.

What keeps people coming back for more you ask? In addition to the traditional Reuben, thanks to the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show, which featured the Elk back in 2010, the Sante Fe chicken sandwich, Mediterranean grilled lamb sandwich and legendary roasted corn pasta are favorites. And at The Elk you’ll find a staff that truly cares about their guests.

This is something owners John Grollmus and Brad Fosseen value: “Caring about their job, the people they work with, the appearance of the food, the type of service they provide,” John says. “Keeping them happy helps with this, but ultimately it takes a certain type of individual who cares about what they do.”

And at The Elk, their employees most certainly care about the restaurant and their guests as is reflected by the many longtime staff members it employees. Chef Kevin Russell has been at The Elk for 17 years; Marshall Powell, general manager, 14 years; Dale Ringquist, server, 16 years; Joe Vitt, cook, 10 years;

Leroy Ransom, cook, 10 years; and Lance Hostetter, cook, 10 years.

“I think the reasons I have worked for John and Brad for so long is because of them and also my co-workers. It really feels like a family more than a job,” says Kevin. “John and Brad are really good to their employees, and I appreciate all they have done for me. From ownership down through management and staff, it really does feel more like a family than a job.”

When it comes to what has kept him loyal to The Elk all of these years, Dale says, “Well other than the obvious, that John and Brad take care of us, health care, retirement and bonuses, and the kick-ass crew in the front and back of the house, I would say our customers. … We have some of the most loyal customers of any place I have worked.”

John and Brad are also the duo behind Two Seven Public House, El Que and Geno’s Traditional Food and Ales in Spokane, Moon Time in Coeur d’Alene and The Porch Public House in Hayden. Their common philosophy at each location is to make food from scratch, price it affordably and serve it with a smile. And this is exactly what you will find at The Elk.

Elk Sample Menu

Grilled Lamb Sandwich

Lamb thinly sliced, marinated, then grilled with red onions, served with tzatziki and mayo on a French roll

Traditional Reuben

Slow-cooked corned beef, melted Swiss, house-made sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing all piled on toasted rye bread

Bulgogi Beef Tacos

Thinly sliced Korean-marinated beef seared and stuffed into two warm flour tortillas, topped with cabbage, cilantro and a spicy pickled-ginger sauce, served with a side of jasmine rice and a quick cucumber kimchi

Swimming Angel

A traditional Thai dish of steamed spinach and char-grilled chicken breast served over rice and topped with spicy peanut sauce, served with sweet and sour cucumber salad and toasted bread

74th St. Gumbo

Inspired by Seattle’s finest Ale House. Chicken, sausage, shrimp and vegetables in a traditional sauce served over rice. It’s hot!

The Elk Public House

1931 W. Pacific Ave.

Spokane, WA 99201


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