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A Special Place

By Jillian Chandler

Summertime brings a sense of freedom. With the beautiful weather, warm temperatures, blue, sunny skies, it makes it so easy to get up, get out, and start exploring this incredible place we live here in the Inland Northwest.

There’s truly no better time than summer in the Inland Northwest! With the mountains, the lakes, the rivers and streams, the prairies … what more could you ask for? From a picnic on the river to a boat ride on the lake, to hiking the many trails or biking the Hiawatha Trail, you can’t help but feel blessed. From the North Idaho Panhandle into Spokane, you truly get a taste of mountain paradise.

As fall makes its debut, the air turns crisp, the leaves begin to change, and it truly is a sight to be seen. Outdoor adventure continues, along with many autumn-inspired happenings to celebrate the season.

Those of us who live here know how blessed we are to call this place home, and our paradise continues to be discovered by people from all across the country who want a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Though we may notice more traffic and road work, and yes, a lot more building, we should remember that most everyone here—those born here and those new—want to enjoy the same simple pleasures: the beauty of this place and the ample outdoor opportunities it provides. It’s quieter here, bringing a sense of peace in an otherwise busy, noisy world.

In each issue of REAL Northwest Living, it is important for us to share just a glimpse of the beauty that resides here. We are honored to serve our communities and share stories about the people, the places, the arts, entertainment and events—and much more!

To those who live here, you already know how special it is here. For those visiting, we hope you enjoy this place we all live, work and play as much as we do.

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