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Confluence/Influence Exhibit at Art Spirit Gallery

The Art Spirit Gallery is excited to host Confluence/Influence, a new and unique exhibition highlighting collaborative works by Wood Artists of Moscow.

The show and its themes were inspired by the ideas of artist Jill Kong, with a goal of building relationships while encouraging innovative artistic collaboration. Each pair were artists who hadn’t worked together previously. One artist would begin the project, then completely relinquish control to allow their partner to finish it, using their own artistic flair and design.

Featured artists hail from Boise, Spokane, Seattle, Whitefish, Montana, Joseph, Oregon, and more. The Art Spirit Gallery promises an amazing show beginning Friday, June 11, and will run through July 3. All are invited to support this new, unique exhibit at the gallery, either in person or online.

Event: Friday, June 11 - Friday, July 3

Visit to learn more.

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