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The Rise of Pickleball in Spokane

Updated: Jun 27

The Rise of Pickleball in Spokane

A community-driven movement By Patrice Allen

Pickleball, a sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, has been rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. In Spokane, this surge is largely fueled by the dedicated efforts of the Spokane Pickleball Club (SPC), a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to promoting and expanding the sport within the community. The SPC is a grassroots organization with a clear mission: to grow public pickleball facilities, coordinate events, empower players, and secure funding to ensure the sport's continued expansion in Spokane. By focusing on these core objectives, the SPC has become a pivotal force in making pickleball accessible and enjoyable for all ages. One of the primary goals of the SPC is to increase the number of public pickleball courts in Spokane. The club collaborates with local authorities and community members to create and improve playing facilities. Notable achievements include the addition of 12 striped pickleball courts at Comstock Park, funded by a grant from the Spokane Parks Foundation and donations from SPC members. The SPC aims to amplify the voices and skills of pickleball enthusiasts in the community. By organizing volunteer efforts and rallying public support for pickleball projects, the club encourages players to take an active role in the development and maintenance of public pickleball resources. This community-driven approach ensures that the sport's growth is sustainable and inclusive. To support its initiatives, the SPC actively seeks funding from various sources, including public grants, city budgets and private investments. The club also partners with businesses, such as PickleballSuperstore, offering discounts to members while channeling a portion of sales back into the club. These efforts have been instrumental in financing new courts and improving existing ones. Spokane boasts a diverse array of pickleball courts, both public and private, catering to players of all skill levels and preferences. Public outdoor courts include Comstock Park, home to 12 striped pickleball courts, accessible from sunrise to sunset. These courts are a result of SPC's successful grant application and community support. Mission Park features eight tennis courts with two striped for pickleball, open for public use and private bookings. Corbin Park is set to open in 2024 with two dedicated pickleball courts, and Peaceful Valley offers two striped courts under the Maple Street Bridge. Underhill Park is currently under construction, with plans for three new dedicated pickleball courts. Private indoor courts in Spokane include North Park, which provides eight dedicated indoor courts, with additional courts available for tournaments. Pickleball on Broadway offers three professional indoor courts with high ceilings and LED lighting, while The Press Pickleball Club has six indoor courts, accessible remotely. POWER Pickleball Club is opening in Summer 2024, featuring 11 indoor cushioned courts. Additionally, private indoor wood courts are available at locations such as The Warehouse, which offers six indoor wood floor courts known for their affordability and high demand. ITZ Sports Performance features four wood courts with mixed lines and LED lighting, while various YMCA facilities have active pickleball communities and rotation systems for all skill levels. Pickleball's popularity is driven by its accessibility and fun. The sport is easy to learn, making it approachable for beginners, yet offers enough complexity to keep seasoned players engaged. It is a low-impact activity, suitable for a wide age range, and fosters a strong sense of community among players. In Spokane, the sport's largest demographic is individuals aged 60 and above, but younger players are increasingly taking to the courts. Events at Comstock Park have seen participants from ages 9 to 77, highlighting pickleball's multi-generational appeal. The Spokane Pickleball Club continues to work tirelessly to enhance the sport's presence in the region. Through community engagement, strategic partnerships, and persistent advocacy for better facilities, the SPC ensures that pickleball remains a vibrant and integral part of Spokane's recreational landscape. For more information about the club and how to get involved, visit

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