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Tork Electric

Tork Electric

Whether you are looking for an electrical contractor for your commercial, industrial, residential or emergency backup needs, Tork Electric in Sandpoint is the place to turn.

Owners and husband-and-wife team Dan and Brissa Peterson have deep roots in Sandpoint going several generations back. Both born and raised in Sandpoint, they only ever left the area to attend college, with the intent of coming back. And they did, continuing the legacy with their daughter Josephine, who was born in Sandpoint one year ago.

Dan and Brissa are the proud local owners and operators of Tork Electric, an electric contractor service located right here in Sandpoint; Dan the master electrician and Brissa the administrative manager. Priding themselves for being a small-town company with the ability to take on big-town projects, Tork Electric has a knowledgeable and experienced workforce capable of taking on large projects, with skills ranging beyond custom homes. The company has completed small hydro plants, aircraft manufacturing buildings, communication towers, large office spaces and emergency backup systems for not just the home but for medical offices and large businesses.

“When we finish a custom home or large commercial project and sit back to look at what we have accomplished, it’s pretty amazing,” Brissa says. “You start with nothing sometimes; and in the end have a beautiful, unique, fully operational project. We take great pride in our work.”

When Tork Electric is done with your space, it won’t just be functional but it will look great too. They make sure that all switches and outlets are lined up perfectly, all electrical conduits are bent just right so the sweeps look uniform, light fixtures line up, and more. “In the end, when we look at what we did, we are proud of it,” adds Brissa. “We are honored to put our name on it.”

Another rewarding part of running Tork for Dan and Brissa is that they are employing people and helping them to support their families. To them, their employees truly are like family. And in fact, two of them are! Dan’s brother, Derrick, and father, Rick, work with them. Dan and Brissa’s daughter spends many mornings at the shop with Mom and Dad, taking part in the morning meetings. The Petersons don’t look at their employees as working for them but with them. And as Brissa notes, “Grandpa Ricky and Uncle Derrick love getting to see her. And the crew loves it, too!”

Also on the Tork Electric team are the three Noble brothers: Ryan, Eric and Tyler. Brissa grew up living next door to the siblings. Over the years, they have remained friends, both personally and now professionally. In fact, each one of the Petersons’ employees has become more than an employee; they have all built personal relationships. “We enjoy spending time with our employees,” says Brissa. “We go to concerts, go out to dinner together and have barbecues. I know most employers would say this is a bad idea, but for us it’s hard to resist. We genuinely are friends with our employees. We care about them and their families and want the best for them.”

At Tork Electric, you will find a company with determination. They have been a part of a handful of projects in town including The Hive, Kochava and Quest, which were under extremely tight deadlines. But with their determination and hard work, the electric contractors at Tork repeatedly pull through and get the job done. They will even go the extra mile and work seven days a week when necessary.

The Petersons care about their business and their community. They participate in PBCA (Panhandle Builders Contractors Association) and donate financially to PBCA and the CHAFE 150.

The Petersons truly value owning a business in Sandpoint and recognize that they really do live in paradise. And many would agree. “Between the lake, downtown and the ski mountain, it doesn’t get any better,” says Brissa. With its great small-town feel, combined with the large manufacturing businesses that provide employment to so many people, Sandpoint is a unique town with wonderful businesses and an incredible community.

“We love what we do, we love helping people and we love our community,” says Brissa. “We feel so fortunate to have been able to open our business right here in Sandpoint. Not everyone is lucky enough to live and work in Sandpoint, and we don’t take that for granted.

“Every day when I drive across the Long Bridge, I think to myself how lucky I am that I get to live and work here,” she adds. “We get to be a part of other people coming to Sandpoint and building their dream home. I hope they too drive across the Long Bridge and realize how fortunate they are to be part of such a special community.”

Tork Electric, Inc.



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