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Party Animal Vodka

A girl, a small Idaho town and potato vodka. That’s how the story begins. Fast forward to today, and Party Animal Vodka is taking Idaho by storm, one bottle at a time.

Katherine Cullen is the woman behind Party Animal Vodka. Founded in 2017 and officially bottled in 2018, Katherine, along with fiancé and co-founder Joshua Hanson, launched the company in Idaho in April 2018 when bottles officially began hitting shelves.

“I really wanted to drink a brand of vodka that had a story behind it that I could not only relate to but also stood for a just cause,” recalls Katherine. “I wanted a brand that related to me no matter if I was planning on staying in and having friends over or out at the bar taking shooters with all the other ‘party animals.’ Then it clicked. I began a quest to create a vodka that contained three simple factors: quality, philanthropy and a brand that relates to a live-in-the-moment lifestyle.”

Today, more than ever, consumers care about the products they use and consume. Party Animal Vodka provides an extremely high-quality product at a reasonable price. “Our product also uses its name to relate to the consumer, as well as symbolize the philanthropy,” says Katherine. “The Party Animal brand name and culture is synonymous with giving back to animals.”

Traditionally, vodka was made from potatoes, but today, most are made from corn, grain or wheat.

Party Animal Vodka is distilled in Idaho from locally sourced famous Idaho russet potatoes. “We like to say we are ‘getting back to the roots,’” smiles Katherine. There are no added sugars, preservatives or flavors in their product, and it is low calorie and low carbohydrates. She adds, “Our vodka is distilled once; done right the first time.”

By sourcing and producing their product in Idaho, Party Animal Vodka is supporting the local economy, from the local potato farmer to creating jobs at the distillery and in the sales force. “Idaho potatoes and our Idaho distillery are what make our vodka so great, so why outsource?” says Katherine.

“Keeping it local keeps the quality high and the revenue and jobs local. And last but not least, a portion of every bottle sold in Idaho gives back to Idaho wildlife conservation and local animal shelters.”

In addition, the distillery is eco-friendly and utilizes wind power. They also recycle waste water and use their by-product for livestock feed.

When it comes to the success that Katherine and Joshua have found with Party Animal Vodka, they credit it to hard work, dedication and determination—and their customers. “Our market is flooded with various brands and options for consumers, however, being able to show people why our product is superior through sampling, communication and effective marketing has provided immense success.”

Party Animal Vodka is starting to make an appearance in select restaurants throughout Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden and Sandpoint including: Corner Bar, Capones Bar and Grill, The Moose, Rusty’s and Sandpoint’s historic 219 Lounge.

If you are looking for a superior product Idaho grown, look no further than Party Animal Vodka.

Party Animal Vodka

Ketchum, Idaho

151 4th St. W. Unit 4833

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