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Warm Up With Delicious Wood-Fired Artisan Pizza

Photo courtesy: Owen Aird.

This past summer marked a decade in business for Laura and Seth Carey, the owners of Veraci Pizza in Kendall Yards. “10 years sounds so crazy!” says Laura. “In some ways it seems like we just started, and in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s just so incredible that we have customers who have been with us since the very start!”

What started as a successful restaurant on wheels back in 2009, the husband-and-wife team found a permanent restaurant location in which to serve their delicious wood-fired pizzas, and they opened their doors to Veraci Pizza in Spokane’s Kendall Yards neighborhood in 2014. And they’ve been satisfying diners ever since.

On the menu, of course, are their wood-fired thin-crust pizzas (with vegetarian and gluten-free options available), fired up in their one-of-a-kind ovens. “Our oven was built by hand and doesn’t have a chimney like most wood-fired ovens do,” according to Laura. “This allows us to cook at 800- to 1,000-degree temperatures, which provides a different product in the end.” They provide a unique product you won’t find anywhere else. Guests can also choose from a selection of salads, appetizers, desserts, beer and wine, as well as a variety of winter cocktails perfect to enjoy in the cozy dining room overlooking the Spokane city skyline.

During the holiday season, Kendall Yards will be buzzing, and Veraci will be part of the action. “There will be a holiday celebration, Small Business Saturday, an artisan festival and more exciting activities,” Laura says. “We stay busy during the winter, as the Centennial Trail outside our door is one of the most regularly plowed places for those hard-core outdoor enthusiasts to use throughout the snowy, icy months.”

At the end of the day, Laura and Seth are inspired to continue the work they do each and every day because of the community they serve—their staff, the neighborhood, the lunch crowd and the evening diners. “We set out to build relationships through this business, and those relationships continue to inspire us!”

Veraci Pizza Kendall Yards 1333 W. Summit Pkwy 509.389.0029

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