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25 Years of Success and Satisfaction

A meal among friends awaits

By Jillian Chandler

Photo by Kiersten Patterson Photography

It was 1996. The Coeur d’Alene dining scene was wanting, and two friends stepped up to fill a void. That’s how it all began, when friends John Grollmus and Brad Fosseen sought out to open their first restaurant—and Moon Time was born.

The menu, from the start, has featured creative and upscale pub food, made to order from scratch, bringing a variety of items from many different cultures together. The food is paired with 19 carefully selected beer handles and a wide variety of wines, chosen specifically to complement the fare.

From the beginning, it has provided the community a warm and comfortable atmosphere where guests feel at home and are provided an exceptional experience—every time. Twenty-five years later, their philosophy has never wavered, and Moon Time continues to provide their guests with familiar faces, great service, a comfortable atmosphere, and great food and drink at a reasonable price. John and Brad created their own small community within the larger community, and it has been met with success and the satisfaction of their diners.

“We love becoming a part of our local communities,” smiles John.

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, fast, accommodating and efficient, and John credits them for Moon Time’s longtime success. Manager Chris Schultz has been at the helm all but two months since opening 25 years ago. He is joined by three other 20-plus year employees, with several more who aren’t too far behind. “Collectively, the staff is the best you’ll ever find, and they make the place what it is,” affirms John.

This year has only reinforced what he’s known for all of these years: his great appreciation to his staff and their undeniable faithfulness to Moon Time and its guests. “I am thankful to our loyal, talented and dedicated staff who have worked their tails off throughout one of the most challenging climates our industry has ever, and hopefully will ever, face,” shares John.

Community is at the forefront of all that John and Brad do. Experience what community should look like … at Moon Time.

Moon Time

1602 E. Sherman Ave. #116, Coeur d’Alene, ID


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