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And Then There Were Three!

Sweet Lou’s opening Athol location By Colin Anderson

sweet lous new location

It’s often said, especially from those with young children, that time flies! When Chad and Meggie Foust first left Seattle for North Idaho, their son Lou was only a year old. “Lou, who is now 12, just started bussing tables last summer, and you may just see him in Athol this summer!” smiles Meggie.

After owning their first restaurant in Hope, more than a decade later Chad and Meggie are excited to be opening their third Sweet Lou’s at the halfway point between their current Ponderay and Coeur d’Alene locations. “Our first five years in Hope were very important to us. Without Hope, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” Meggie explains. “We learned a lot of hard-taught lessons about running a successful business, in a very supportive community.”

The Fousts’ two current locations were opened in buildings that were already constructed. With the new Athol location, the couple was able to design from the ground up. “We are excited about the architecture and design, which was inspired by the naval history of Farragut and created by the genius architect Monte Miller of Miller Stauffer Architects in Coeur d'Alene,” Meggie shares.

While the interior will look different than the other two locations, guests who’ve experienced a night out at Sweet Lou’s will be treated to a very similar atmosphere, menu, and level of customer service of which they are accustomed to. There will be plenty of TVs, so you can always catch your favorite sport, and the portions will remain ample while using quality ingredients.

Consistency is one of the key factors Meggie attributes to their continued growth. That and the drive and will of husband Chad. “He never stops,” she affirms. “He's very wary of being complacent in business, so he's always thinking of how to improve and how to grow. I'm grateful for his knowledge and his energy.”

The Fousts’ goal for the new location is to create an atmosphere where you can enjoy a night out on the town, or just grab a quick bite while catching the game, all while having a great dining experience. You’ll find fan favorites like the Tailgate Egg Rolls, Fish and Chips, and 60/40 Burger, and plenty of regional craft beers to complement the great food. It’s also likely you’ll see someone in the Foust family during your meal. “Chad and I both do our best to be in the restaurants, on the floors, as much as possible. It's the only way to maintain that consistency and know we are doing things the way they are expected. It will be a challenge with three restaurants, but we are ready for it,” Meggie says.

While they don’t have an official opening date yet, expect the doors to open sometime this spring. As the anticipation grows, so does the excitement for Chad and Meggie. “We are also excited about serving the local customer base in the Athol, Bayview and Rathdrum areas. We've had a lot of support from customers in these areas, and we are looking forward to being their neighbors,” she smiles.

Sweet Lou’s

601 E. Front Ave. #101 Coeur d’Alene, ID 208.667.1170

477272 Hwy 95 N. Ponderay, ID 208.263.1381

Coming Spring 2022 Athol, ID

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